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About Art Collider • Gallery & Shop for Psychedelic, Contemporary & Visionary Art

What began as an ambitious idea of creating a platform for visionary artists and their expression of psy art, started to take shape in 2012 – when ArtCollider was founded. As an independent gallery and self-supported business up to today, our aim was to promote and support emerging artists by presenting their works to the world at nomadic exhibitions. Over the years, on various, vibrant occasions like festivals and fairs all over Europe, we experienced the concept of ArtCollider was favorably accepted.

Supported by progressive imaging technologies and a deeper understanding of cognitive neuroscience, also the artists explored new aspects of human consciousness – inspired to express themselves in mind-altering artworks.

And above all, along with our nomadic gallery’s most amazing travel experiences, the long overdue public recognition and value of this artistic approach expanded, too.

Even more so, it actually changed: From being limited to its hippy subculture origins, our shared vision of today’s “contemporary art with a psychedelic twist” emerged into this colorful, playful and meaningful medium between art and the heart of people.

Ever since, we strongly believe in the powerful message of powerful karmic inspiration deriving from various cultural influences, psychedelic soundscapes and technological developments.

We want to make this sensation accessible to everyone. This reflects in very reasonable online purchase prices and quality selection for our customers as well as the fair pay policy amongst all ArtCollider featured creatives. We naturally support the request for extraordinary, affordable designs enhancing any home, outdoor location, yoga studio and business area – enabling you to get in tune with your inner self and stretch your idea of perception beyond the boundaries of reality.