SubliquidaBorn in Genua in 1989, he spent his childhood on the border of Switzerland and Italy, on the famous Italian lake named “Lago Maggiore”. In 2001 he decided to go back to Genua to develop his passion for drawing and to cultivate his handcrafting skills.

In 2005 he discovered and connected with the world of underground parties and the free party movements in Italy. He managed to settle and work within the social laboratory “Lsoa Buridda”. In 2007 “Subliquida Project” was born: a totally personal concept, which involved the design and fabrication of complex three-dimensional spaceships and biomechanical structures.

It introduced and involved the audience in its psychedelic journey with a completely futuristic style, but still managed to be very faithful to organic structures found in nature. He continued to move forward with his eclectic handcrafting and decoration, but the political and economical situation in Italy worsened, and forced him to jump on his “Vespa” motorcycle and move to Berlin.

Since the autumn season of 2011 “Subliquida Project” has been actively participating in the psychedelic scene by decorating parties with his art. His work is stimulated by the greatest artist of all times: Mother Nature. The continuous research in this specific direction makes him a dynamic artist in everlasting evolution. Through his drawings he can bring out the link between scientific knowledge and expanding consciousness.