Born 1981 in rural nothern Germany, he discovered his love for the fine arts early in life and has been moving between styles and media as a free explorer ever since. Besides occasional ventures into sculpture and the ever present painting and drawing, he is now mainly focused on sculptural earth building techniques, which fuse aesthetics, function and ecology. The transformation of already existing, largely unprocessed materials into useful, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing objects with as little effort and energy investment as possible leads to an intuitive understanding of natural processes and structures. This perspective shows in his paintings, which, after phases of Lovecraft- inspired gloomy romanticism and dark erotic themes, now grow more and more towards the depiction of phantastic life forms, which mirror the flow of energy in nature in their undulating shapes and weightlessness and which often seem to invite the viewer into their world with their cryptic gazes.”


In terms of bio stats, I was born July 17, 1981 in Diepholz, Germany, to a couple of teachers and had a largely unremarkable, healthy childhood, with the exception of certain anxiety issues and a gift for the fine arts. After school and social service (an alternative to the military stuff), I spent a year painting and making music, then studied art therapy in Ottersberg (2002-2004), dropped out of it after two years, dabbled a bit in music production, studied graphic design in Hamburg (2005-2008), managed to work in advertising for five months until I was fed up with it, and have been making my living as a dreadlocks stylist and occasional designer ever since.
In 2012 I had a first exhibition with mostly sexy paintings in a St. Pauli Sex Shop/fetish art gallery (the paintings later got showcased in a tattoo studio along with originals by HR Giger, woot, woot), and later in the year started my experiments in ecotecture and did a permaculture course at the Krameterhof in Austria.
Freq’s of Nature Festival 2013 brought me into contact with the good doctor’s magic potion #25 and visionary art. The current painting style is a direct result of that. Since then my creative outlets have been green building, recycling-related crafts, and painting weird fishes.